How to Follow the Breadcrumbs



I always find it intriguing how the universe gently pushes us in a certain direction. Last year I hit a low spot and instead of sinking lower I found magical blogs, meditation, Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie course and found a way to take better care of myself mentally and physically. I started meditating and practicing yoga on a daily basis, I started eating cleaner meals and found a holistic way to help heal my mind. I visited a Reiki course and saw a hypotheses. I had begun to find inner peace.

But like all things, everyone can loose their footing, they don’t practice for a day and then it’s two days, then it’s a week. Then I get an email saying that Gabby is teaching a kundalini yoga class at our local yoga studio. Thank you universe. I sign up, I recenter and get back into practice.

I end up having to travel and on my lay over find myself browsing the airport terminal book store. The book literally jumps off the shelf at me, May Cause Miracles. There it is again to delve deeper into my practice. I nod to the universe, telling it I need to finish the other two books I’m reading but it’s on my list.

This morning I remind myself to practice gratitude and I shuffle my cards. I love the Wild Unknown deck. Four of Swords. Damn.

Stillness, mental power. Though threatening swords loom above, the lambs sits in stillness and without fear. The four of swords says its time to look inward and find the mental power to cope with the pressures. It’s important to rest. Seek meditation or find literature that focuses on way ways to quiet the mind. Take this time to recuperate and move inward before those swords strike. -The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook by Kim Krans.

As I write this letting the explanation of the card sink in, I giggle could I have gotten a bigger sign to rebalance? Start meditating? Buy Gabby’s book? Oh yea, then I read Gala’s blog about the upcoming super moon! Check it out yourself for a little advice on what to expect and how to prepare. Because I know I am, I’m off for a poster board to lay out my plans and tackle them.

Bring. It. On.



What is Luxury?

Most fashion houses come attached with “high-end” or “luxury” but what makes it such? Is it the price point? The exclusivity? The just out of the average person’s finger tips?

For years I assumed most good fashion names were outside of my reach, then my coworker bought a pair of Louboutin studded smoking loafers and I was in awe. They were expensive! And he only worked at Walgreens! But I didn’t even know the real dollar amount of the shoes. I just assumed they were astronomically priced.
I just believed that BRANDS were outside of my paycheck. Then after a photoshoot one day I wandered into Coach and fell in love with a leopard print purse. I saw the price tag, sure it’s not DESIGNER but it’s not cheap either. But it was “affordable”. I was a little shocked, how had I let these ideas of everything with a name seem so expensive to me?
How does fashion get labeled as a luxury? That it’s frowned upon indulging in a quilted purse or red bottom shoes? But it’s not weird to spend three hundred or more on a tattoo? It’s not weird to spend five hundred for a cold air intake for your truck. It doesn’t NEED it, your getting because you want it.
 And people just nod and say it looks good when you show them your two thousand dollar couch, but if you were to invest in Chanel tweed for the same price you would looked down at? How did fashion come to have this attitude attached to it? Because after all, fashion is your way of saying who you are without even having to speak, so why wouldn’t you invest in yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to make your first impression a good one in a sharp dress and heels? I recently worked with a client who said they would rather only buy a good designer peice every couple of months that would become a staple and last them than buy a ton of lower priced fashion for the same dollar amount. When did we loose the idea of quality over quantity? Wouldn’t you rather eat a gorgeous $40 dollar organic grass fed fillet mignon perfectly cooked to the right color of medium rare than waste your time eating a cheap low quality $9 dollar chuck steak that comes in one over cooked mess?

Fresh Faced



Remember years ago where Jennifer Gardner swore all she wore was sunscreen? #jealous! I’ve been on the quest since then to calm my raging skin to a point where I could confidently leave the house wearing little to no makeup.

It’s been a journey, but I’ve finally reached a happy place. I was lucky during high school but as I aged my skin got worse and worse and I couldn’t figure out why. Dermatologists weren’t helpful they just wanted to slather my skin in weird smelling products full of parabens. Ummmm no thank you!
Upon a visit to Sephora on the quest for anything that probably just burn the issue off my face, I felt that desperate. I ran into Sasha, she turned me onto the Murand vitamins where along with a great hair skin and nails combo they contained herbs like danelillion root that is great for helping your liver and kidneys pull toxics from our body.
They helped.
Then I realized I was putting about 6 teaspoons of sugar in my daily 3 cups of coffee. 6 teaspoons! I gave up sugar on the spot.
My cystic painful acne of angry bumps disappeared.
I was in awe.
Now I watch my extra sugar intact, trying not to give into an addiction of late night doughnuts. But for most part I can leave the house in a bb cream and a good eyeliner. So life is good.

The Rules of Flying



Fly with class with the least amount of work. Pack light with an outfit of two less than you need, you may be traveling for 4 days but really you probably only need 3 outfits because for some weird reason you going to want to wear a certain shirt twice with different bottoms. So save the room in your luggage for a little shopping.

Nail your takeoff outfit by wearing chic black capris with enough stretch so your comfortable and stylish without having to wear skinny jeans for four hours on a plane, and no jeggings aren’t an option either. How did those even come into existence?
Ballet flats are my favorite shoe to wear, they’re perfect for slipping on and off while you’re going through sercurity and they’re small enough to put in your bag during your flight if you’d rather slip on socks for the trip.
I never found the point of wearing a full face of makeup on the plane, all that shitty air to dry us out and suck our foundation into our pores like glue. I always moisturize and then just apply a simple BB cream to even out skin tone and add a few vitamins back in during the flight. This way my makeup isn’t all dried out when I land and I can head straight to dinner.
A good coat is always a better option over sweatshirts. You just reach a certain age and it’s just no longer acceptable to leave the house in gym wear no matter what celebrities are doing. God forbid you meet someone important and you left the house in a top knot and Pink sweatpants. Plus a decent coat always makes a good makeshift blanket during the flight.
Travel and stay classy my friends!

Leaving LaLa Land



Flying always is a trip, no pun intended. I’ve got it down to a science. Pack light, carry a big purse and bring my Kindle. When I fly, I wear my American Apparel disco pants with ballet flats to make going through sercurity a breeze. I wear a good swing jacket that looks sharp and doubles as a blanket, no loungewear on the plane for me.

Flying out of LAX always cracks me up because you can instantly tell who is leaving LA for a trip and who is leaving to go back home. Visitors fly in basics, ratty sweatshirts with their football team on them, badly fitting jeans, baseball hats and Uggs. Ugh. Angelonians fly in simple put together outfits, chic lulu lemons with ballet flats, skinny jeans, heels and leather jackets. We’re ready to get off the plane and launch into our day wherever we land.
The difference is striking and is always like a weird capsule fashion show. You can instantly see how fashion has progressed and in some cases where it hasn’t. It makes you ask yourself what people do if they’re leaving the house in certain outfits.
And off we go!
Ps. How much are we loving the latest Chanel show?!

Happy Valentine’s Day


With love floating along in the air it’s a great idea to grab hold onto it. Take a moment to pause and reflect on yourself before heading out to have an amazing date with your loved one. After all, you can not accept or give love if you are not truly loving yourself first.Today write yourself a mission statement to celebrate yourself, center yourself and honor yourself.

A personal mission statement is very similar to one of a company’s, it clearly illustrates the questions of; Why do you exist? What purpose do you serve? What do you believe in? What are your core values? How do you contribute to the world? What defines success for you?

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

If mission statement sounds too big then just call it a statement of intent! It also doesn’t need to completed today, it’s meant to grow and evolve with you. So it might take a day, a week, the rest of the month to grow to its full size. Don’t worry!

How to Start: Brew yourself your morning cup of alertness, grab some gel pens and paper and get comfortable. Below I’ve listed some questions but they’re just ideas to get the juices flowing, take what you will and leave what you don’t want. There are no rules here.

💖 What are my values? 💖 When am I happiest? 💖 What is your role in life? Are you happy with it? 💖 What do you want out of life? 💖 What do I love in my personal life? 💖 I would be happy if… 💖 If I knew I would not fail I would be doing… 💖 How do you plan to grow? 💖 What do you love most about yourself? 💖 What rules do you live by? 💖 What rules do you want to live by? 💖What do you believe in? 💖 What defines success for you? 💖 What goals do you want to achieve? 💖 What are things you would get rid of? 💖 What would you change? 💖 What do I love to do at work? 💖 What do I like to do in my personal life? 💖 What are my natural gifts/talents? 💖 My life’s journey is…💖



Just let your mind wander and scribble your ideas and thoughts down. Jot your favorite inspirational quotes along the side. Add glitter. When you’ve got your ideas across the pages, take a step back. Is there one idea that’s screaming out? Pick out key phases you like and cross out what you don’t. Keep going until you feel you’ve reached the end! Then pop some champagne and make a clean version of it you can see daily!



Need some help? Head over to Franklin Covey and fill out their prompted version. Live by the result or edit it down to fit you. Here’s what mine came up with:

💖 I am at my best when I get a good nights sleep, drink coffee, feel loved and meditate 💖
I will try to prevent times when I have a bad day, when things don’t go as planned and I lay in bed sad 💖 I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can laugh, feel productive, and make money 💖 I will find enjoyment in my personal life through yoga, kissing, cuddling, hiking, feeling the sunshine, eating doughnuts, laughing, going on adventures, feeling  giddy, being productive 💖 I can do anything I set my mind to. I will spend all day in a relaxed state of mind; yoga, meditate, eat well, live by the ocean, sketch, sew and design all day 💖 My life’s journey is live creatively, to be happy, to feel loved, to feel at peace with life. My life’s journey is for me, to succeed and to live happily ever after 💖 I will be a person who has lived a full and exciting life, who didn’t do things by the book and blink and realize fifty years had gone by. That succeed in my dreams and loved with all my heart 💖
Not too shabby and gives me something to edit, embellish and work with.
Your mission statement will become a guide to live your life by, give you perspective and help you decide if you should say yes or no to opportunities that come your way. It’s a perfect way to help streamline your life and live truly and centered.

“To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, a Principle. You will become what your vision is.” -Peter Nivio Zarleng.




Fall in Love…Again



Eat, sleep, work, repeat? Doesn’t this sound familiar? After coming out of a long work week, gym work outs and cooking at home I looked at my partner who was equally consumed with tech packs, papers and other work, I realized holy shit! When did we stop dating? Sure we go out, we do Target runs together, lovely bicker over which kind of paper towels or what color sheets to get. But when was the last time we went on a date? A real, we are leaving at 7pm for dinner and a movie date?

I dropped everything, grabbed my laptop and started searching for movie tickets to Zealander 2. I had finally seen the first installment of the movie a couple weeks ago, and while it wasn’t great, it was funny and I enjoyed all the celebrity appearances. How bad could the second be? An evening was pulled together in minutes, movie tickets at the Arclight, dinner at The Melt and plenty of time to stroll Sunset Blvd.



After living in LA for almost three years I had finally made it to The Melt, a trendy popular restaurant with good prices and yummy cheese themed meals. They had a steak lovers grilled cheese; stuffed with Creamy Aged Cheddar, Angus Sirloin w/Grilled Onions & Hots on Artisan White. Two different kinds of Mac and Cheese, salads sprinkled with parmesan and french fries with the works done to them. They sold beer but I opted for a root beer that came self serve out a beer tap. So rad. We ordered at random and shared the meal.

Having never seen a movie at the Arclight I was in awe of the upscale atmosphere, the tiny cafe and bar off to the side where you could grab a bite before heading downstairs to the theater. Once downstairs the concession stand only served gourmet snacks; Godiva chocolates, special candies, red vines, beer and your choice of red and white wine. I went for the red.

ArcLight Hollywood Entrance.png


We headed into the film where you filed in like you were at the theater, finding your correctly numbered seat. An usher came in and introduced himself, rattling off the script a normal place would run on the screen; where the exits were, please no texting and enjoy. Oh and that he would check back periodically to make sure the sound and movie quality were up to Arclight standards. So cool.

The actual movie was funny, full of dry dumb humor, celebrity walk ons and absurd themes that would only happen in the “fashion world.” We held hands, laughed at the jokes and enjoyed our nine dollar popcorn. Afterwards we decided we were glad we had seen it in theaters, that the movie just wouldn’t be the same on Redox later.

And well you know how dates go, you fall back in love, hold hands and everything else that goes along with that.