They Wore What



I recently went on a trip and I was so surprised to see the lack of personal style, even growing up in Connecticut there were a few people in high school that had STYLE. But not on this trip.

Dressing well is a form of good manners-Tom Ford

Has no over watched a Youtube video, scrolled Instagram or picked up a Nylon magazine? I guess not. The streets were filled with Tory Burch, Michael Kors and fake Louis Vuitton. Every girl wore the same shitty leggings, long shirt and bad eyebrows. Has no one been to a Sephora? Good eyebrows have only been a thing since ever, hello Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip Wax???

Dressing is a way of life- Yves Saint Laurent

People seemed insist on looking badly to blend in with the person next to them that looked equally as bad. They wore sunglasses on their heads like it was a headband, if your clothing helps you make your first impression, they were making a bad one. Clearly they knew nothing of style or about even fashion other than wearing a watered down version of a popular trend that happened years ago. I’m sorry but if you want to follow a trend from the fashion capital then get online and see what it is. This whole “oh it takes two seasons for the latest trend to reach the other side of the country” is BS. This is what SnapChap and Instagram are for!

Stop dressing badly America!


A Painless Way to Get the Wardrobe You Really Want



As time creeps by I realize many of us look into our closets and truly only wear three outfits all the time, the rest are pieces you thought you needed but go to nothing, those weird work appropriate shirts that you needed two jobs ago and just other things that get lost on the hanger. But you realize that this weird hodgepodge of items doesn’t suit the inner you that nothing represents you.

Have no fear!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”-Rachel Zoe

Before you get started head to Pinterest and start looking at style icons for inspiration if you have no idea where to start. Are you a Blair Waldorf? A vintage Barbie? A secret ballerina? A Miranda? Pin a few photos you like and look what do they have in common?

For Blair its a good jacket, ballet flats, tights, and coordinating separates with a easy chic hair style.

A Ballerina might be tutus, tights, flats, wrap sweaters and a leather jacket added in for fun.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. – Coco Chanel

If you already know what your heart wants use Pinterest as a shopping board, pin those fun pumps with the pom poms on the toes, the leather jacket and disco pants. This will help you see if it all works together without even getting them home.

If everyone around you has bad style, it’s no reason for you to have it too. Rise above and find your tribe.

Now to the “stressful” part. Head into that closet. Take everything out and lay it on your bed. Don’t think about if it was a gift or if you haven’t worn it or if it was “expensive.” Sort into three piles:

Pile One: Items that are torn, tired, stained, ripped, beading, pilling. Toss these! No in and or butts!

Pile Two: Havent worn in the last six months, you don’t really like, the shape is wrong on your body type, pieces that no longer fit into the look and style you want yourself to reflect. Sell any of the good stuff and donate the rest for a tax right off. Don’t think twice, just pass go and keep going!

Pile Three: This pile should be the items you wear a lot, that you like, that you feel confident in and that are the core pieces of your style.

Dress for the person you want to become.

Hang pile three up and organize it by type and then color so you can really see what you’ve got. Now compare your Pinterest board to your closet, are they close? Do you need more tutu skirts? Skinny jeans? Nude pumps? Oxfords? Make a list and note what color you think you should get. This way you don’t come home with a yellow skirt when your closet is full of purple.

Your closet is a laboratory in which you may invent astonishingly powerful voodoo. It may be used as tool to direct yourself towards your ideal destiny. It’s portable fengshui, right on your body.-Cintra Wilson

Pop a glass of champagne, brew a cup of coffee and let yourself window shop online and add it to your board, this way you know that maybe Urban Outfitters has that perfect jumper you need or that Kate Spade has a jacket or Nordstorms for the perfect pair of Cole Haan flats. Allow yourself to make a detailed grocery list, this way you can shop with a plan, add as you can and keep the craziness to a minimum.

If your closet had become very bare bones in your clean out, look online for pieces so you can make a capsule of a skirt, pants, three tops, a jacket, a dress and a layering option. This way you can rebuild a little without breaking the bank and this allows you to also get a good style foundation laid for your future self.


What is Luxury?

Most fashion houses come attached with “high-end” or “luxury” but what makes it such? Is it the price point? The exclusivity? The just out of the average person’s finger tips?

For years I assumed most good fashion names were outside of my reach, then my coworker bought a pair of Louboutin studded smoking loafers and I was in awe. They were expensive! And he only worked at Walgreens! But I didn’t even know the real dollar amount of the shoes. I just assumed they were astronomically priced.
I just believed that BRANDS were outside of my paycheck. Then after a photoshoot one day I wandered into Coach and fell in love with a leopard print purse. I saw the price tag, sure it’s not DESIGNER but it’s not cheap either. But it was “affordable”. I was a little shocked, how had I let these ideas of everything with a name seem so expensive to me?
How does fashion get labeled as a luxury? That it’s frowned upon indulging in a quilted purse or red bottom shoes? But it’s not weird to spend three hundred or more on a tattoo? It’s not weird to spend five hundred for a cold air intake for your truck. It doesn’t NEED it, your getting because you want it.
 And people just nod and say it looks good when you show them your two thousand dollar couch, but if you were to invest in Chanel tweed for the same price you would looked down at? How did fashion come to have this attitude attached to it? Because after all, fashion is your way of saying who you are without even having to speak, so why wouldn’t you invest in yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to make your first impression a good one in a sharp dress and heels? I recently worked with a client who said they would rather only buy a good designer peice every couple of months that would become a staple and last them than buy a ton of lower priced fashion for the same dollar amount. When did we loose the idea of quality over quantity? Wouldn’t you rather eat a gorgeous $40 dollar organic grass fed fillet mignon perfectly cooked to the right color of medium rare than waste your time eating a cheap low quality $9 dollar chuck steak that comes in one over cooked mess?

Fresh Faced



Remember years ago where Jennifer Gardner swore all she wore was sunscreen? #jealous! I’ve been on the quest since then to calm my raging skin to a point where I could confidently leave the house wearing little to no makeup.

It’s been a journey, but I’ve finally reached a happy place. I was lucky during high school but as I aged my skin got worse and worse and I couldn’t figure out why. Dermatologists weren’t helpful they just wanted to slather my skin in weird smelling products full of parabens. Ummmm no thank you!
Upon a visit to Sephora on the quest for anything that probably just burn the issue off my face, I felt that desperate. I ran into Sasha, she turned me onto the Murand vitamins where along with a great hair skin and nails combo they contained herbs like danelillion root that is great for helping your liver and kidneys pull toxics from our body.
They helped.
Then I realized I was putting about 6 teaspoons of sugar in my daily 3 cups of coffee. 6 teaspoons! I gave up sugar on the spot.
My cystic painful acne of angry bumps disappeared.
I was in awe.
Now I watch my extra sugar intact, trying not to give into an addiction of late night doughnuts. But for most part I can leave the house in a bb cream and a good eyeliner. So life is good.

The Rules of Flying



Fly with class with the least amount of work. Pack light with an outfit of two less than you need, you may be traveling for 4 days but really you probably only need 3 outfits because for some weird reason you going to want to wear a certain shirt twice with different bottoms. So save the room in your luggage for a little shopping.

Nail your takeoff outfit by wearing chic black capris with enough stretch so your comfortable and stylish without having to wear skinny jeans for four hours on a plane, and no jeggings aren’t an option either. How did those even come into existence?
Ballet flats are my favorite shoe to wear, they’re perfect for slipping on and off while you’re going through sercurity and they’re small enough to put in your bag during your flight if you’d rather slip on socks for the trip.
I never found the point of wearing a full face of makeup on the plane, all that shitty air to dry us out and suck our foundation into our pores like glue. I always moisturize and then just apply a simple BB cream to even out skin tone and add a few vitamins back in during the flight. This way my makeup isn’t all dried out when I land and I can head straight to dinner.
A good coat is always a better option over sweatshirts. You just reach a certain age and it’s just no longer acceptable to leave the house in gym wear no matter what celebrities are doing. God forbid you meet someone important and you left the house in a top knot and Pink sweatpants. Plus a decent coat always makes a good makeshift blanket during the flight.
Travel and stay classy my friends!

Leaving LaLa Land



Flying always is a trip, no pun intended. I’ve got it down to a science. Pack light, carry a big purse and bring my Kindle. When I fly, I wear my American Apparel disco pants with ballet flats to make going through sercurity a breeze. I wear a good swing jacket that looks sharp and doubles as a blanket, no loungewear on the plane for me.

Flying out of LAX always cracks me up because you can instantly tell who is leaving LA for a trip and who is leaving to go back home. Visitors fly in basics, ratty sweatshirts with their football team on them, badly fitting jeans, baseball hats and Uggs. Ugh. Angelonians fly in simple put together outfits, chic lulu lemons with ballet flats, skinny jeans, heels and leather jackets. We’re ready to get off the plane and launch into our day wherever we land.
The difference is striking and is always like a weird capsule fashion show. You can instantly see how fashion has progressed and in some cases where it hasn’t. It makes you ask yourself what people do if they’re leaving the house in certain outfits.
And off we go!
Ps. How much are we loving the latest Chanel show?!

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day



Planning what to wear is always a fun excitement that screams for loving attention and Valentines day really lays on the pressure to have the perfect look. Luckily I come prepared and have gathered a few looks that fit the bill.

For Brunch Out With The Girls


You can’t go wrong with a stylish wrap dress. The silhouette is flattering on everyone and because of the slight gathering you won’t look full if you have one too many mimosas! I love DVF for a good classic staple piece.

For A Sunny Day Picnic



Nothing is sweeter at a picnic than a sassy t-shirt and high waisted shorts. Show off you figure, look cute, and enjoy some good food!

For the Road-trip



Nothing bonds us more than a good adventure and a fun road trip. Channel your inner love goddess with adorable heart shaped sunnies. I personally love the Wildfox Lolita ones! Load up on coconut water, pretzel chips and slim jims. And don’t forget the polaroid!

For Spending the Day in Bed



Gather the takeout menus, get some champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries for the ultimate campout in your own bed. Nothing is better than getting lost in time with you’re loved one. Turn off the cellphones and disconnect from the world till Monday morning.

For a Date Night



It’s on the inside what counts. That’s what they said right? Make sure when that dress slips off you’re ready to go with a sexy getup that makes you feel confident and gets him hot. I’m in love with Dita’s collection, the perfect blend of elegant seduction.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day loves!