Happy Valentine’s Day


With love floating along in the air it’s a great idea to grab hold onto it. Take a moment to pause and reflect on yourself before heading out to have an amazing date with your loved one. After all, you can not accept or give love if you are not truly loving yourself first.Today write yourself a mission statement to celebrate yourself, center yourself and honor yourself.

A personal mission statement is very similar to one of a company’s, it clearly illustrates the questions of; Why do you exist? What purpose do you serve? What do you believe in? What are your core values? How do you contribute to the world? What defines success for you?

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

If mission statement sounds too big then just call it a statement of intent! It also doesn’t need to completed today, it’s meant to grow and evolve with you. So it might take a day, a week, the rest of the month to grow to its full size. Don’t worry!

How to Start: Brew yourself your morning cup of alertness, grab some gel pens and paper and get comfortable. Below I’ve listed some questions but they’re just ideas to get the juices flowing, take what you will and leave what you don’t want. There are no rules here.

💖 What are my values? 💖 When am I happiest? 💖 What is your role in life? Are you happy with it? 💖 What do you want out of life? 💖 What do I love in my personal life? 💖 I would be happy if… 💖 If I knew I would not fail I would be doing… 💖 How do you plan to grow? 💖 What do you love most about yourself? 💖 What rules do you live by? 💖 What rules do you want to live by? 💖What do you believe in? 💖 What defines success for you? 💖 What goals do you want to achieve? 💖 What are things you would get rid of? 💖 What would you change? 💖 What do I love to do at work? 💖 What do I like to do in my personal life? 💖 What are my natural gifts/talents? 💖 My life’s journey is…💖



Just let your mind wander and scribble your ideas and thoughts down. Jot your favorite inspirational quotes along the side. Add glitter. When you’ve got your ideas across the pages, take a step back. Is there one idea that’s screaming out? Pick out key phases you like and cross out what you don’t. Keep going until you feel you’ve reached the end! Then pop some champagne and make a clean version of it you can see daily!



Need some help? Head over to Franklin Covey and fill out their prompted version. Live by the result or edit it down to fit you. Here’s what mine came up with:

💖 I am at my best when I get a good nights sleep, drink coffee, feel loved and meditate 💖
I will try to prevent times when I have a bad day, when things don’t go as planned and I lay in bed sad 💖 I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can laugh, feel productive, and make money 💖 I will find enjoyment in my personal life through yoga, kissing, cuddling, hiking, feeling the sunshine, eating doughnuts, laughing, going on adventures, feeling  giddy, being productive 💖 I can do anything I set my mind to. I will spend all day in a relaxed state of mind; yoga, meditate, eat well, live by the ocean, sketch, sew and design all day 💖 My life’s journey is live creatively, to be happy, to feel loved, to feel at peace with life. My life’s journey is for me, to succeed and to live happily ever after 💖 I will be a person who has lived a full and exciting life, who didn’t do things by the book and blink and realize fifty years had gone by. That succeed in my dreams and loved with all my heart 💖
Not too shabby and gives me something to edit, embellish and work with.
Your mission statement will become a guide to live your life by, give you perspective and help you decide if you should say yes or no to opportunities that come your way. It’s a perfect way to help streamline your life and live truly and centered.

“To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, a Principle. You will become what your vision is.” -Peter Nivio Zarleng.





Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day



Unfortunately. But that’s the way life is. Same with my handbag company, which is currently at a hurry up and wait stage, not for lack of motivation but because of outsider’s time lines.

For a while I toyed with fun sparkly vinyl but then I woke up and decided I was over it. It was over saturating the market, every wife with a husband in upholstery and a sewing machine was doing it and not charging real prices! How could I compete? I was looking at they’re designs and thinking, there is no freaking way they made that and are able to resell it for only $40 bucks! No way! Materials? Labor and reselling? Nope. So instead of undercutting I went above them, making a bag out of better materials, better quality and just all around more sophisticated.

Now I’m on the quest to find THE contractor, first you have to find them which isn’t as easy as just googling so I’ve spent maybe days just exploring the fashion district and reading door tags. Then you have to meet with them, wait weeks to get your sample back, come up with more capital and then get a second or third sample done to finalize all the details. Or worse. Find a new contractor, wait a couple weeks, find more capital and then get another sample made. Wash, rinse and repeat as necessary.

On one hand it’s so exciting to be moving forward, to see my ideas come to life, but the wait time is killing me. So think like a Virgo! And plan out everything else I can be doing in my sample waiting time. Ordering dust bags and storage boxes. Designing a logo, working on blog posts to bring everyone together. This is after all a lifestyle. Creating a marketing strategy, a see a road trip in my future and organize, organize, organize! Plus on top of all that, cook, clean, work a 9-5 and see the sun at some point. Raise your glass and toast the side hustle!


Woot Woot!


Even Cowgirls Get The Blues




My work schedule this past week opened me and swallowed me whole, causing me to not write for a few days. Now that I had a day “off” to run around and handle errands. Hooray for finally getting an adult size bed! Stay tuned on my guide to decorating for sweet dreams.

I feel drained. I’m sitting cross legged on my small bed looking at my projects, the videos I want to film and the dress I’m sewing and I just can’t do it. I would much rather just continue to sit here and get lost on Pinterest and Facebook. But hey, I just found out Barbie is releasing new size models! I can’t wait to snag the tall redheaded one. During my last session of hypothesis we realized I tend to always use the negative tense, “I don’t feel mad” for example, instead of saying “I feel happy.” So instead of saying I can’t and only seeing the big picture, I stepped back and said “I can write a blog post.”

Step one, open laptop.

Step two, get off Pinterest.

Step three, open Champagne and Potato Chips.

Step four, pop champagne!

Now I’m on a roll. Such an exciting Friday night over here I know. But sometimes you just have to chill and recenter yourself.

Cheers to a slow yet productive evening!


Roar Baby Roar


Let your own inner lion be heard tonight with the turning of January’s full moon in fierce and flashy Leo.

This full moon is a reminder that we are all creators and not consumers. So make a plan to give birth to that idea you’ve been putting off. This is your cosmic casting call! This weekend is all about creating, putting your plans into action, getting a little attention and having some romance!

The full comes into play at 5:46 PM PST and nicely squared with the passionate pair of Mars and Juno in Scorpio. These two planets tend to make us feel creative urges and demands something be done with this energy. But the pairing of the planets can lead to some insight of jealousy. But this is just an indicator that something is missing from our own lines. Use envy to post-it things we want in ourselves in our lives. Maybe it’s the perfect couch, a better job or that someone else makes it to the beach once a week. Write down any little twinges you have and make a plan to incorporate them into your own life. You can do it! There’s no reason to really be jealous, we can all succeed!

“Leo is the creative beast inside each of us that has its own unique roar.” – Chani Nicholas


💖 Celebrate your Self not your ego 💖

We all know Leo loves some attention but if your bragging is bringing other people down than you’re doing it wrong. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating self love as long as the ego is in check. When we release the ego we can fully connect to the oneness. Meditate, run a bubble bath, practice Radical Self Love, write a graditude list and toast your accomplishments with some champagne!

💖 Fertility in Creativity 💖

A full moon is always a time to start a project, a sort of jump start to launching an idea. But a full moon in Leo is an even better time to do it. Leo is the sign for fertility and is perfect for creativity, but hey maybe for some it really does mean to give birth. But for others it’s the time to load up on art supplies to paint that mural, or a time to outline that book we’ve been writing in our heads.

💖 It’s all about heart 💖

Leo is the sign that rules the heart, upper back and spine so unroll that yoga mat and stretch. Yoga is something we all should be doing, it awakens our body, connects our minds to our hearts and centers ourselves. So tonight light some candles, put on something to stretch in, for me it’s usually just a pair of panties, we’ll see, and stretch! Focus on poses that open the heart and stretch the spine like sun salutations or fish pose.

💖 Showtime 💖

Since our closets are clean, organized and full of goodies we only can love from this passing Mercury retrograde then we are ready to break out and add some sparkle to our lives. Leo loves a good show and now is the time to dress up, even if it’s just for yourself. Wear that lipstick you love, carry a sparkle purse or add an extravagant headband. Really add some flair to your style.

Use this full moon to fully center yourself and create a plan to launch into this new year. Write lists of what your grateful for, what you love, what you’re jealous of, what you want and make a map to get there. I know that life is hectic and the dishes have to be done but make the time to really focus on the energy this weekend, even if it’s just ten minutes and you won’t be disappointed. If we keep pushing off the time to be better then we’ll never get there, plus really the dishes can wait.





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