A Book to Read

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I know we all don’t have hours to spend reading, though I bet many of us do. The places I would go…all in a text. It’d be amazing. But after seeing the Instagram buzz about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  I was intrigued and scooped it up on a trip to Costco. Somehow after picking it up, I didn’t put it down and I read the whole thing in a night! That night I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited, I mentally started making lists of things that meant something to me and things I could get rid of, things I knew I had barely ever touched and things I didn’t need anymore.

I woke exited, we didn’t exactly follow the instructions. We had tackled the clothes months ago, but still hadn’t gained any space back. Plus living in a studio it’s a little hard to lay out ever photo you own and purge through them. So we started in the kitchen, went through the cabinets and whittled down the pans to the one we really use. Then so on and so on we went through the cabinets, the shelves, the books, those weird little knick knacks you pick up at events and are cool in the moment but then you get them home and you wonder what the hell to do with them? Trash! They all went in the trash! I didn’t need tons of wristbands from old events, hats from promo gigs I worked or bottles that were useless other than the cool packaging on them. Gone.

Our apartment has a very wide closet that is completely useless for anything other than catching everything. If we didn’t know if we wanted to hold onto something or what to do with it. Into the closet it went. But finally after two years, I saw the floor again. The bikes now reside neatly inside, the luggage lovely stacked, everything easily reachable for a reference book or a board game.

The book is an eye opener, Marie Kondo really illustrates that it’s not about getting rid of things you don’t use, it’s about keeping only the things that spark you joy. Pick up a copy, devour it and straighten up your home and your life.