They Wore What



I recently went on a trip and I was so surprised to see the lack of personal style, even growing up in Connecticut there were a few people in high school that had STYLE. But not on this trip.

Dressing well is a form of good manners-Tom Ford

Has no over watched a Youtube video, scrolled Instagram or picked up a Nylon magazine? I guess not. The streets were filled with Tory Burch, Michael Kors and fake Louis Vuitton. Every girl wore the same shitty leggings, long shirt and bad eyebrows. Has no one been to a Sephora? Good eyebrows have only been a thing since ever, hello Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip Wax???

Dressing is a way of life- Yves Saint Laurent

People seemed insist on looking badly to blend in with the person next to them that looked equally as bad. They wore sunglasses on their heads like it was a headband, if your clothing helps you make your first impression, they were making a bad one. Clearly they knew nothing of style or about even fashion other than wearing a watered down version of a popular trend that happened years ago. I’m sorry but if you want to follow a trend from the fashion capital then get online and see what it is. This whole “oh it takes two seasons for the latest trend to reach the other side of the country” is BS. This is what SnapChap and Instagram are for!

Stop dressing badly America!