Winter Wishlist

Winter Wishlist


A Book to Read

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I know we all don’t have hours to spend reading, though I bet many of us do. The places I would go…all in a text. It’d be amazing. But after seeing the Instagram buzz about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying UpΒ Β I was intrigued and scooped it up on a trip to Costco. Somehow after picking it up, I didn’t put it down and I read the whole thing in a night! That night I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited, I mentally started making lists of things that meant something to me and things I could get rid of, things I knew I had barely ever touched and things I didn’t need anymore.

I woke exited, we didn’t exactly follow the instructions. We had tackled the clothes months ago, but still hadn’t gained any space back. Plus living in a studio it’s a little hard to lay out ever photo you own and purge through them. So we started in the kitchen, went through the cabinets and whittled down the pans to the one we really use. Then so on and so on we went through the cabinets, the shelves, the books, those weird little knick knacks you pick up at events and are cool in the moment but then you get them home and you wonder what the hell to do with them? Trash! They all went in the trash! I didn’t need tons of wristbands from old events, hats from promo gigs I worked or bottles that were useless other than the cool packaging on them. Gone.

Our apartment has a very wide closet that is completely useless for anything other than catching everything. If we didn’t know if we wanted to hold onto something or what to do with it. Into the closet it went. But finally after two years, I saw the floor again. The bikes now reside neatly inside, the luggage lovely stacked, everything easily reachable for a reference book or a board game.

The book is an eye opener, Marie Kondo really illustrates that it’s not about getting rid of things you don’t use, it’s about keeping only the things that spark you joy. Pick up a copy, devour it and straighten up your home and your life.


The Weekend


πŸ’–πŸ’– This weekend disconnect a little from the internet and go outside, do something fun, create with your hands, try something new and spread a little love. I’ve got the first 11 thought of for you to have a good time, add too it, do them, and tag us!Β πŸ’–πŸ’–


Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday Favorites: Things I’m LOVING Right Now



Hello Friday! It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for and I know I’m not the only one excited for a couple days of rest. While you’re plotting out your perfect weekend like I know I am, here’s a look at my weekly favorites!

Turn Tt UpΒ 

I’m obsessed with Halsey’s Badlands album and it’s cover art. It’s the perfect blend of rhythm with that “raise your lighters” vibe. I have it on repeat on Spotify so I can just listen to it again and again. It makes me think of perfect road trips, California sun and days spent at the beach. Perfection. Make sure to listen to Castles, Drive and Colors!

Strike a Pose!

I’m all for anything nostalgic and I am in love with my Fuji Insta camera. It reminds me of being twelve years old again playing dress up with my sister and burning through the film in our Barbie polaroid. Sorry dad for the price of film! I always toss it in my bag with its colored lens attachments for snapping pictures of our adventures. My iPhone 6 may have an awesome camera but sometimes nothing beats the feeling of instant satisfaction.

Hey There Good Looking

I’ve tried my fair share of expensive creams, promising to add moisture and this and that. But after running out of another cream I wasn’t in love with, I picked up Simples replenishing moisturizer and I’m in LOVE. It moisturizers without leaving your face greasy or still dried out. Plus you only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face. Hell yea.

Just Add a Little Love

I picked up an Unconditional Love candle from House of Intuition and have been burning it during the day as I create. Not only does it add the softest of smells to the air that seem to wrap around you in a comforting hug but it promises to help release fear, resentment and envy, letting you receive and love unconditionally, Plus afterwards theres a dalmatian stone in the very bottom that can be carried around as a gentle reminder to spread and receive love.

How to Brew a Healthier You

I will always be a die hard coffee fan, go caffeine! But sometimes I just love a good cup of tea and lately the Yogi Peach Detox has been my favorite. It has the perfect blend of sweet and flavor without being over powering. Plus it has a special blend of herbs to help draw out any extra toxins that are floating around in your body so say hello to a healthier you and clearer skin. I’ve been drinking more it while I’m fighting this cold and I swear it’s helping.

I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing! If you partake in any favorites don’t forget to share them on the Gram and tag us!


They Wore What



I recently went on a trip and I was so surprised to see the lack of personal style, even growing up in Connecticut there were a few people in high school that had STYLE. But not on this trip.

Dressing well is a form of good manners-Tom Ford

Has no over watched a Youtube video, scrolled Instagram or picked up a Nylon magazine? I guess not. The streets were filled with Tory Burch, Michael Kors and fake Louis Vuitton. Every girl wore the same shitty leggings, long shirt and bad eyebrows. Has no one been to a Sephora? Good eyebrows have only been a thing since ever, hello Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip Wax???

Dressing is a way of life- Yves Saint Laurent

People seemed insist on looking badly to blend in with the person next to them that looked equally as bad. They wore sunglasses on their heads like it was a headband, if your clothing helps you make your first impression, they were making a bad one. Clearly they knew nothing of style or about even fashion other than wearing a watered down version of a popular trend that happened years ago. I’m sorry but if you want to follow a trend from the fashion capital then get online and see what it is. This whole “oh it takes two seasons for the latest trend to reach the other side of the country” is BS. This is what SnapChap and Instagram are for!

Stop dressing badly America!

A Painless Way to Get the Wardrobe You Really Want



As time creeps by I realize many of us look into our closets and truly only wear three outfits all the time, the rest are pieces you thought you needed but go to nothing, those weird work appropriate shirts that you needed two jobs ago and just other things that get lost on the hanger. But you realize that this weird hodgepodge of items doesn’t suit the inner you that nothing represents you.

Have no fear!

β€œStyle is a way to say who you are without having to speak”-Rachel Zoe

Before you get started head to Pinterest and start looking at style icons for inspiration if you have no idea where to start. Are you a Blair Waldorf? A vintage Barbie? A secret ballerina? A Miranda? Pin a few photos you like and look what do they have in common?

For Blair its a good jacket, ballet flats, tights, and coordinating separates with a easy chic hair style.

A Ballerina might be tutus, tights, flats, wrap sweaters and a leather jacket added in for fun.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. – Coco Chanel

If you already know what your heart wants use Pinterest as a shopping board, pin those fun pumps with the pom poms on the toes, the leather jacket and disco pants. This will help you see if it all works together without even getting them home.

If everyone around you has bad style, it’s no reason for you to have it too. Rise above and find your tribe.

Now to the “stressful” part. Head into that closet. Take everything out and lay it on your bed. Don’t think about if it was a gift or if you haven’t worn it or if it was “expensive.” Sort into three piles:

Pile One: Items that are torn, tired, stained, ripped, beading, pilling. Toss these! No in and or butts!

Pile Two: Havent worn in the last six months, you don’t really like, the shape is wrong on your body type, pieces that no longer fit into the look and style you want yourself to reflect. Sell any of the good stuff and donate the rest for a tax right off. Don’t think twice, just pass go and keep going!

Pile Three: This pile should be the items you wear a lot, that you like, that you feel confident in and that are the core pieces of your style.

Dress for the person you want to become.

Hang pile three up and organize it by type and then color so you can really see what you’ve got. Now compare your Pinterest board to your closet, are they close? Do you need more tutu skirts? Skinny jeans? Nude pumps? Oxfords? Make a list and note what color you think you should get. This way you don’t come home with a yellow skirt when your closet is full of purple.

Your closet is a laboratory in which you may invent astonishingly powerful voodoo. It may be used as tool to direct yourself towards your ideal destiny. It’s portable fengshui, right on your body.-Cintra Wilson

Pop a glass of champagne, brew a cup of coffee and let yourself window shop online and add it to your board, this way you know that maybe Urban Outfitters has that perfect jumper you need or that Kate Spade has a jacket or Nordstorms for the perfect pair of Cole Haan flats. Allow yourself to make a detailed grocery list, this way you can shop with a plan, add as you can and keep the craziness to a minimum.

If your closet had become very bare bones in your clean out, look online for pieces so you can make a capsule of a skirt, pants, three tops, a jacket, a dress and a layering option. This way you can rebuild a little without breaking the bank and this allows you to also get a good style foundation laid for your future self.